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Our services

Our Services

Event Management

Every special event needs a special arrangement and this is what we offer you. Our team of experienced event managers will help you with the arrangement of your events. Be it a seminar, a corporate gathering, a social or community event or even a stage show, our efficient event managers will take over the entire event. Apart from managing the event, we also offer on the spot services like venue lighting, sound support, still and video coverage. We also offer talent management services, if you wish to hire the services of notable musicians, artistes and celebrities. We take care of everything from managing the rights and contracts, to artist management. With us by your side, you get to enjoy the event as we ensure that it is managed smoothly.

Movie production / TV serials

“Dreams become a reality on the silver screen.” “Television is your very own window into another reality” – anonymous For long, movies and TV serials have been a source of entertainment for our collective consciousness. Our team of entertainers is working on a range of ideas to appeal to the collective entertainment appetite of the populace. We offer services that cater to the following aspects of both Movie and TV production: a. Pre-Production – From story ideas, to screenplay and from location hunting to casting, our team of experts handle all the aspects of pre-production to ensure a smooth road for the production process. b. Production – Using state of the art cameras, lighting setups and sound recording equipment, our production team is always ready to handle all kind of production jobs, both indoor and outdoor. c. Post-Production – Our state of the art studio setup is equipped to handle all kind of post-production jobs like non-linear editing, sound design, voice overs, VFX, CG design and integration etc.

Indoor / Outdoor Studio

We offer state-of-the-art, fully integrated indoor/outdoor studio facilities. Our facilities have been built to meet the international standards, boasting of cutting edge technology. We employ the best talent and tools that help you achieve the highest standards of film and television production. The stress is on creating a highly creative environment backed by the most efficient technical solutions offered by highly skilled technicians. Our indoor studio facilities offer an integrated array of complete services; so that you get everything you need under the same roof, without any distractions or troubles. Our outdoor facilities offer you the requisite locations and settings for creating your desired outdoor effect, with the right environment and atmosphere.