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Category : Audio

19 Sep 2016

Maula Zubaan

This is a Hindi song. This song resolves around a guy who is in love with a girl but he cannot propose the girl as he is afraid that he may lose her. So he is requesting God to help him in getting the love of his life. Adopt a bull terrier rescue uk, Nissan note club hk, Nissan occasion qashqai toulouse

19 Sep 2016

Tere Ishq Mein

This is a happening Hindi song which revolves around a young teen couple of around 17-18 years. They are in love and they are enjoying this new feeling. They are expressing their feelings by saying that their sleeping habits have been changed, they are waking up early in the morning to read each other’s text etc etc. Its really a happy song which shows their love feelings and their innocence in trying to find what exactly LOVE is. Intelligent car […]

19 Sep 2016

Ishq Da Charkha

This is a sad Punjabi song which again revolves around love. The guy failed to get the love of his life. This tells us about the cycle of love. The guy says that his love for his beloved will not end till he dies. So this song reveals what exactly a true love is. This is giving a message that love doesn’t end even if we don’t get our beloved ones. payday loans md

19 Sep 2016

Dance Floor

This is a pure Punjabi song which is a fusion & comparison of old type of Punjabi songs liked by old people and the choice of the young generation. The old version of the song is typically a song which we had in mid 80s but the new version of the song is completely a dance club mix. coc hack without verification

19 Sep 2016


This is a Punjabi song which describes the exact feelings of AASHIQ, the lover. This song shows how a lover feels happy when his beloved is happy & feels sad when his beloved is in pain. He even challenges GOD to become an AASHIQ and then see how painful it is if his beloved is hurt. This way the GOD will understand the pain of the lovers and he will make all the lovers of the world happy.

02 Mar 2015


This is a Hindi sad song. The guy is madly in love with a girl but due to some circumstances, he has to leave the girl. He is cursing God to put him in such a situation that he has to sacrifice his love and is asking him to make him happy during such sadness in his life. He thinks about his happy times with his beloved during the song. This song conveys a message that sacrifice is also a […]

10 Jul 2014


This is a Hindi sad song which revolves around love. The guy sees his ex-beloved after so many years. She reminds him about his past when they were in deep love with each other but due to some circumstances, they could not marry. Now he is expressing the feelings of both of them when they meet each other after so many years.